Decorative storage box!

So I have been following all these awesome creative blogs and I have been inspired to create and re-use. I came across this awesome decorative box tutorial by Ashley and I decided to give it a try. I didn’t want to cut and glue my own box so I cheated and used an empty box of wipes.


Empty box of wipes

Mod Podge (I love this stuff)

Pink Scrapbooking paper for the background

White textured scrapbooking paper for the edge trim

Pink pillow case and hemming tape (because I can’t sew and I had a lonely pink case)

Left over rope

Pink scrabooking brads

I just love how this turned out! It’s perfect to use as storage for my daughter’s little books. I plan to make another one since I was able to make 2 inserts out of one pillow case and with a baby in the house I know I will soon have another empty box of wipes.

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