Halloween Sign

I love Halloween, mostly because my boys (including hubby) love it so much. It is fun to dress up and going trick or treating. I love that on Halloween all of our neighbors are out and about and it’s a great time to catch up with the. I wish this happened more often. Anyways, I always said that I would NEVER do scary decorations! HA what do I know right? The boys finally broke me down, so here is the little update I did to the sign I have on the front porch.

This is what it normally looks like:

I got the idea and awesome tutorial for the sign post here. I put mine inside a planter, because we get some crazy winds and I was worried it would tip over. I also wanted to update the planter for the different seasons and holidays. Next month I plan to fill it with indian corn.

I had fun making the sing and here is how I did it.

Sign Materials:

– Wood cut to 12″ x 6″ (I purchased the wood a Lowes for 3$ and got two pieces out of it, which will give me 4 signs)
– Paint (black, white and red)
– Stencil

I first gave it a coat of black and once dry I use Vaseline on the corners and edges, then I gave it a coat of white and let it dry over night. It doesn’t have to dry overnight, I just don’t have patience and I knew I would not be able to wait more than 12 minutes so I did this before going to bed 🙂

In the morning I cleaned off some of the vaseline and then sanded it down a bit.

I then added a stencil that I cut using my Cricut and placed it on the sign.

Then I added the red.

Hey! I kinda like the red on black. Maybe next year 🙂

While the paint was still wet I took it over the sink and sprinkled some water on it and also ran my wet fingers over and down the letters.

I added hooks to the top and used the plastic chain that came with the skeleton arms I got at Five Below. I love how it turned out and I’m sure I will be a big hit with the little man when he sees it.

Happy Halloweed everyone!

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