Upcycled Frame to Tray

Upcycle Frame to Tray

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since Christmas! Yikes! Well, things have been a little crazy around here in the last few months and my motivation has been non-existent, but it’s time I get back into some craft therapy. I’m not sure how I did this, but a few months back I somehow convinced hubby to make me a coffee table and it turned out fantastic! I love it so much, but it has woken up this project monster in me that is driving hubs crazy. Here is how the table turned out:
DIY Coffee Table

We (and by that I mean my hubby) built this from Ana-White’s plans. Once the table was done I had to make something to go on top, right? Well, I purchased a wood tray from Michael’s and painted it, distressed it and lined the inside with Scrapbooking paper and I was happy with how turned out, but the size proportions with the table was off and I didn’t like the combination.

Small Tray

I decided I was going to just build a larger tray, but I wanted to get the size right so I took an old frame I had in the basement and I used it to test out the size I had in mind.

Size test

I was happy with the size and as I started to make a list for the wood I would need, I took another look and decided to just turn the frame into a tray. So, I sanded the frame, gave it a base coat of brown, added some wood glue and Vaseline to it (my favorite distressing techniques), waited for it to dry and then gave it a final coat of white. I sanded it and then took my heat gun to the areas that had the wood glue to make it bubble and peal, I like the effect it gives me. frame

I added some burlap to go behind the  glass, I decided not to attach it permanently since I liked the idea of adding a different fabric during the holidays.  I added some handles made with some framing wire, rope and the wood from some old sponge brushes and attached them to the frame with upholstery tags.

Tray Handles

I really love how it turned out! Here is another look at it.

Upcycle Frame to Tray 2
Tray with handle

Upcycle Frame to Tray

Upcycle Frame to Tray

Upcycle Frame to Tray

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