DIY Farmhouse Bed

OK I can’t take much credit for this one because it was built by Mr. Creative Dominican with a little help from our oldest, but I did all the begging and the painting to get this done and that counts right? I was shocked that the hubs agreed to do this project when I approached him with Ana-White’s Farmhouse plans. It was a bigger shock when we went to the store to get the wood and he wanted to get the higher quality and more expensive one (he is totally getting the DIY bug LOL) I really wanted the cheaper cracked and imperfect wood for a really country farmhouse feel. I originally planned to distressed the heck out of it, but I loved it so much in plain white that I decided to skip the distressing.

At the time I wasn’t blogging much so we didn’t take lots of pictures of the process but I love how it turned out so I wanted to share.

DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY Farmhouse Bed

The first coat of paint was brushed on and that was a big yuck! I gave it a second coat using a foam roller and that made it soooooo much better. No brush strokes at all! I love it. Please ignore the ugly lamps and tables they will be gone soon (another project 🙂 ).

DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY Farmhouse Bed
I want to give a special thanks to my mother-in-law for the beautiful hand made quilt. I love it!.

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  1. This turned out GREAT!! Makes me wanna ask my Mr. if he would want to make us something like this….HINT. LOL Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase! Ill be pinning this to our board!


  2. Your bed is gorgeous!! This is the exact style I’ve been wanting…you just inspired me to make my own! Love it!!

    • Thanks Therena I’m so excited to hear this post has inspired you but watch out once you start making furniture you will never go back..LOL . We went to IKEA the other day to look as some book shelves and we left empty handed because we kept saying, hey we could build that…LOL

  3. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

    Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. What a fabulous bed and I totally love the design. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. Very beautiful and for real it looks like a Farmhouse Bed, I am a farm girl! I am a new follower. Have a Wonderful day.

  5. Hi! New follower via your FB page!

    Inviting you to follow me at



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