About Me

WOW! What an honor that you have clicked on over to learn a little about me.

Not sure where to start! I’m not a writer so this blog world is a bit scary to me but, here we go: I’m a wife, mother, learner, scrapbooker, wannabe designer, dreamer, web designer, proud of my Dominican roots and passionate about all things family, home,  friends and Faith. I grew up in a beautiful tiny little town called Bonao in the Dominican Republic. I could do another blog just on all the beautiful memories and long lasting friendships I developed there, but this blog is about my DIY for the home creations. I love kids, animals (specially Monkeys) and old people. Yes, old people! I don’t know why, but when I see one I just want to hug them.

My mother who is no longer with us was an amazing and incredibly talented crafter, you name it, she did it and did it well. As the years have passed and I find myself missing her more and more and wishing I would have taken the time to learn more from her I decided to start a blog as a way to connect with her memory, which may seem silly but it has really helped me. My Mom was beautiful inside and out and she was my biggest supporter in everything I did. With every post and every craft I picture her smiling down and telling me how much she loves it. In a way I guess this blog is not just about DIY but about my Mom too. I hope you enjoy it. Ketty_My Mom
Thanks for visiting!


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