DIY Patriotic Silverware and Napkin Caddy

Wow Fourth of July is tomorrow! Here is a fun little project to help you celebrate. This was inspired by Ana White’s Soda Crate plans. I modified mine a bit because I wanted to add a section for napkins.

DIY Patriotic silverware Caddy

I used all 1 x 6 wood since I wasn’t creating a handle. I also used some small left over chunks of wood to lift up the napkins a bit.

DIY Patriotic Silverware Caddy_wood

I added 3 1/8″ to the sides to make up for the addition of the napkin space.

DIY Patriotic Silverware Caddy assembly

I painted all the wood white before I assembled it. I used wood glue and some nails to put it together.

1. I used electrical tape to tape off the stripes (it was all I had and I didn’t want to go to the sore…shhh don’t tell the hubby).
2. The stars stencil was made with a star punch and some scrap of paper.
3. After it all dried I gave it a good sanding to distress it and round out the corners a bit.
4. I wanted to tone down the colors, so I just used some brown craft paint that was rubbed on with a wet paper towel.
5. Finally I rubbed a black ink pad all over it.

DIY Patriotic Silverware Caddy painting

DIY Patriotic Silverware Caddy

DIY Patriotic Silverware Caddy

I’m very happy with how it turned out! I hope you liked it too! If you like it, show some love by sharing it, pinning it, liking it or leaving a comment. I love comments! Follow my blog via the links on the right column or via Pinterest and Facebook to keep up with all my projects.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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DIY Pet Feeding Station

DIY Pet Feeding Station

I know this may seem like a silly project, but there is a really good reason for it. We have this crazy cat named Gizmo that LOVES water. Yes, our cat loves water and one of his favorite things to do is to knock the water dish around the kitchen and get all wet. This little game of his D R I V E S me C R A Z Y!!! So I had to do something to fix it. Yes, I could have just gone to the store to get a heavier dish, but what fun would that be? I had left over wood and paint so it just made perfect sense to make a little table for his dish to try and fix the problem.

We have a dog too and he shares the water dish with Gizmo. They love each other so it works out great.
Max and Gizmo

I had an idea of what I wanted in my head, but first I took the two pieces of Plywood we had in the garage and the pet dishes to measure out the size I would need.
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 1

After marking the size, I cut and glued the two pieces together.
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 2

Next I measured the container for the food I planned to store below the table, then gathered I all the random left over 2x4s I had and cut  them based on the size of my food container.
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 3

Next I cut two more pieces of 2×4 to attach the legs and give extra support to the table top.

DIY Pet Feeding Station Step

Once I had the extra support pieces cut to the right size based on the table top, I attached them  to the legs.
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 5

The legs and support pieces then were attached to the top.
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 6

I then added some door molding to create the edge that would keep Gizmo from moving the bowl around the kitchen.
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 7

Time to sand and paint!
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 9
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 10
DIY Pet Feeding Station Step 11.
DIY Pet Feeding Station Top view.
DIY Pet Feeding Station

WHAT???? Yep, his is already trying to knock it around and I’m STANDING RIGHT HERE!
DIY Pet Feeding Station
I decided that I loved the end results too much to let him damage it by getting it wet every day, so I added some nails to keep the dish from moving around. HA! try it now Gizmo!!!

Now, it was time to work on the food containers that would go below the table. This solved my second problem! My son kept saying he needed help getting the food from the top of the fridge, so by storing it below the dish table there would be no reason for him NOT to feed his pets on his own. For this project I just used some ribbons, empty pretzel containers and some Scrapbooking chip board tags.

pretzel container upcycled 2

I painted the chip board tags with some white craft paint and made a dotted edge with a marker, tied some jute rope, added a button accent and attached it with hot glue.
DIY tags

DIY Pet food containers

Here is how it looks all together:

DIY Pet Feeding Station

It turned out better than what I had pictured in my head. I hope you like it too! If you like it, show some love by sharing it, pinning it, liking it or leaving a comment. I love comments! Follow my blog via the links on the right column or via Pinterest and Facebook to keep up with all my projects.


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Brass Lamp Makeover with Mercury Effect and Burlap Shades

We are in the process of finally decorating our bedroom and I wanted some really large lamps with burlap shades, but they are really expensive (insert sad face here). On one of my trips to Goodwill I found these ugly brass lamps that were just the right size and at $5 each I had to have them.
Good will lamps

I wanted a mercury effect and I found several online tutorials on it and I decided that was the way to go. All you need is a spray bottle filled with water and a can of Krylon Glass. The Krylon Glass runs about $11 at Hobby Lobby so make sure to use one of their awesome coupons.

DIY Mercury Lamp and materials

I sprayed the lamp with water (make sure to not over due it), then sprayed it with the Krylon Glass, waited for it to dry a bit and dabbed it with a paper towel.

First coat

It’s hard to tell in the picture above, but you could still see too much brass and I HATE brass so, I decided to dab the lamps with black craft paint using a paper towel and then repeated the first step again. I liked these results much better.

DIY Mercury Lamp

I knew I wanted burlap covered shades, but I wanted something different. Last year I made a burlap wreath to hang from a frame I picked up at Goodwill. I distressed the frame and added a sticker from the $1 Store that says “With God all things are possible”. The inspiration for that project was the Burlap ‘Bubble’ Wreath Tutorial by Today’s Fabulous Find’s which can be found here. Below is a picture of how mine turned out.

Burlap Wreath and Frame

That burlap wreath is one of my favorite DIY projects, so I decided to cover the shades using the same burlap bubble, expect I used hot glue to join the corners and to attach the bubbles to the shade.

Burlap Lamp in Process

And here is how it all looks together!
DIY Mercury Lamp With Burlap Shade

I hope you liked it! Thanks for stopping by.


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Top 5 Reasons Why You’re The Best!

I just love hand made gifts and so does my little guy! Last year we worked together to make this “Top 5 reasons why you are the best” picture for his Dad as a Father’s Day gift. I think it turned out really cute and it was really simple to make. Hubby still has this displayed at his work to this day, in fact I took this picture with my phone when we visited him for lunch during school break.
DIY Fathers day gift

We stared out with a 12 x 12 piece of wood that we picked up at Michael’s for a couple dollars and then we gave it some texture with a sponge brush and some black craft paint (I don’t have a picture of this step sorry).
12 x 12 wood

I let Josh pick out the picture he wanted to use and I just love the one he picked because it truly captures the spirit of their relationship. I printed the titles with the computer and let him cut them out and add some matting behind them. The big circle behind the photo was made by tracing a small plate and the cutting it out.
Use a plate to trace a circle

I cut out a square and wrote the numbers 1 to 5 and had Josh write the 5 reasons why his Dad is the best and matted it with black paper.
5 reasons
For the stand I just took 2 pieces of left over wood from an old project, glued them together with wood glue and had Josh paint it black. For the original I used a little wood finial I had left over from another project and glued it near the edge of the bottom piece to hold the picture in, but you could use a nail or screw for a more rustic look like the one below.
DIY picture stand

Here is another look at the final piece.
DIY Fathers day gift

I hope you enjoyed this simple and cute project. Thanks for stopping by!


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Pretty Storage Box

DIY Decorative Box

I love pretty baskets and storage boxes. Back in December I found this really cute holiday box on clearance and I just had to have it! I’m in a crazy love for burlap phase and I thought this box would look awesome with some brown paper and burlap.

Box and materials

Here are the simple steps:

  • First I covered the sides with the brown wrapping paper I got at The Dollar store. I used Mod Podge Glue (I love this stuff) and with a sponge brush lightly covered the sides and attached the paper one side at a time smoothing it over and then folded it in.
  • I was worried that some of the colors would show through the burlap, so I gave it a light coat of brown just to tone down the colors.
  • I placed the burlap over the box to measure where to cut. The super nice lady at Hobby Lobby gave me a great tip of pulling out one of the strings to create a straight line to follow when cutting burlap.
  • I then covered the top with Mod Podge and attached the burlap. The burlap wasn’t laying as flat as I wanted so I added some hot glue to the edges and that worked better.
  • To cover the seams I added two rows of rope along the bottom.

Decorative box steps

Here is how it turned out:
decorative box closeup

DIY Decorative Box

I hope you like how this turned out! Thanks for stopping by.


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Upcycled Frame to Tray

Upcycle Frame to Tray

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since Christmas! Yikes! Well, things have been a little crazy around here in the last few months and my motivation has been non-existent, but it’s time I get back into some craft therapy. I’m not sure how I did this, but a few months back I somehow convinced hubby to make me a coffee table and it turned out fantastic! I love it so much, but it has woken up this project monster in me that is driving hubs crazy. Here is how the table turned out:
DIY Coffee Table

We (and by that I mean my hubby) built this from Ana-White’s plans. Once the table was done I had to make something to go on top, right? Well, I purchased a wood tray from Michael’s and painted it, distressed it and lined the inside with Scrapbooking paper and I was happy with how turned out, but the size proportions with the table was off and I didn’t like the combination.

Small Tray

I decided I was going to just build a larger tray, but I wanted to get the size right so I took an old frame I had in the basement and I used it to test out the size I had in mind.

Size test

I was happy with the size and as I started to make a list for the wood I would need, I took another look and decided to just turn the frame into a tray. So, I sanded the frame, gave it a base coat of brown, added some wood glue and Vaseline to it (my favorite distressing techniques), waited for it to dry and then gave it a final coat of white. I sanded it and then took my heat gun to the areas that had the wood glue to make it bubble and peal, I like the effect it gives me. frame

I added some burlap to go behind the  glass, I decided not to attach it permanently since I liked the idea of adding a different fabric during the holidays.  I added some handles made with some framing wire, rope and the wood from some old sponge brushes and attached them to the frame with upholstery tags.

Tray Handles

I really love how it turned out! Here is another look at it.

Upcycle Frame to Tray 2
Tray with handle

Upcycle Frame to Tray

Upcycle Frame to Tray

Upcycle Frame to Tray

Thanks for stopping by!



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Country Christmas Trees

Christmas is around the corner! Can you believe it? It’s sad how fast time seems to fly now that we are grownups but, it’s ok because this is my favorite time of the year. I made these cute little country trees to celebrate the season.

This was a very simple and cheap project. Here is all you need:

1 – 3 styrofoam cones – I got mine at the dollar store

2 – Save 3 small cans of SpagettiOs or soup cans to use for the base

3 – Fabric – I had some plaid pillows that didn’t go with my new living room colors so I cut the pillows up for the fabric

5 – Ribbon or jute string

I wanted my trees to have different heights so I cut 2 of them and then glued them to the cans with my hot glue gun. The smallest tree doesn’t make it to the edge of the can, but it will be covered up once the material is glued on.

Next I cut the fabric down to 1″ strips, then cut those to smaller pieces, folded in half and glued them down. Once I had all my pieces cut and glued then it was time to hot glue them to the trees.

Once I got to the top I realized  I had to come up with a way to make a point or some other idea, so I decided to glue another piece of frabic on top and then glue a piece of recorative wood I had left over from my bird house project, but a ribbon or button would work too.



Next I added some jute string to the top in a loop and then as a bow to the bottom of the wood. I really like how it turned out. Burlap onces would look really cute too with the wood and metal.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you liked my little trees.

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