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Storage Bin to Toy Box Makeover

I was tired of looking at the ugly plastic bin I’ve been using as a toy box, but I didn’t want to spend money on an actual toy box. I decided to just give the bin a little makeover. It just took some wrapping paper, Mod Podge, burlap and decorative fence post caps to go from this:

Storage bin to toy box makeover.

To this:

Storage bin to toy box makeover

Like it? I think it looks great. The bin is in my family room so I picked materials that would go well with my current decor, but the possibilities are endless.


1. Bin
2. Fabric or wrapping paper. I used about a yard of burlap and wrapping paper I picked up at the dollar store
3. To keep the cost down I used decorative fence post caps as the legs instead of actual furniture legs. They cost about $3 each
4. Rope
5. Mod Podge
6. Hot glue
7. Lock nuts

I brushed the Mod Podge on the bin with a sponge brush working in small sections so I could attach the wrapping paper and keep wrinkles to a minimum. I still had to recruit a helper to hold the bin down for me. Isn’t he cute?

Storage bin to toy box makeover

My bin had a bit of a curve at the top. In the picture above you can see that I made some cuts to the paper so it would bend better and stay smooth below the curve. After I had it nice and smooth I trimmed off the extra paper.

Storage bin to toy box makeover.f

I covered the lid and the section with the curve with some burlap using my hot glue gun. Now it was time to attach the legs. Attaching the legs was super simple, I just drilled a hole and screwed them right in. They are on super tight, I got this idea after putting together one of my daughter’s ridding toys where the screws just went right in to the plastic.

Storage bin to toy box makeover

The screws that poked out inside were large and I was worried that they could scratch my little one if she decided to sit inside, so I added the Lock nuts to the top to cover up the pointy part and avoid any problems later.


Storage bin to toy box makeover
Storage bin to toy box makeover


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Pretty Storage Box

DIY Decorative Box

I love pretty baskets and storage boxes. Back in December I found this really cute holiday box on clearance and I just had to have it! I’m in a crazy love for burlap phase and I thought this box would look awesome with some brown paper and burlap.

Box and materials

Here are the simple steps:

  • First I covered the sides with the brown wrapping paper I got at The Dollar store. I used Mod Podge Glue (I love this stuff) and with a sponge brush lightly covered the sides and attached the paper one side at a time smoothing it over and then folded it in.
  • I was worried that some of the colors would show through the burlap, so I gave it a light coat of brown just to tone down the colors.
  • I placed the burlap over the box to measure where to cut. The super nice lady at Hobby Lobby gave me a great tip of pulling out one of the strings to create a straight line to follow when cutting burlap.
  • I then covered the top with Mod Podge and attached the burlap. The burlap wasn’t laying as flat as I wanted so I added some hot glue to the edges and that worked better.
  • To cover the seams I added two rows of rope along the bottom.

Decorative box steps

Here is how it turned out:
decorative box closeup

DIY Decorative Box

I hope you like how this turned out! Thanks for stopping by.


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Decorative storage box!

So I have been following all these awesome creative blogs and I have been inspired to create and re-use. I came across this awesome decorative box tutorial by Ashley and I decided to give it a try. I didn’t want to cut and glue my own box so I cheated and used an empty box of wipes.


Empty box of wipes

Mod Podge (I love this stuff)

Pink Scrapbooking paper for the background

White textured scrapbooking paper for the edge trim

Pink pillow case and hemming tape (because I can’t sew and I had a lonely pink case)

Left over rope

Pink scrabooking brads

I just love how this turned out! It’s perfect to use as storage for my daughter’s little books. I plan to make another one since I was able to make 2 inserts out of one pillow case and with a baby in the house I know I will soon have another empty box of wipes.

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